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Everything For Tea is where you can find all you need to make a perfect cup of tea.  

We save you time.

We personally review hundreds of products to bring you the best in teaware, sipware, tea and brewing accessories — the top picks in quality and value.

We save you money.

We also bring you practical reviews, “how-to” buying guides, special deals and coupons to help you make better, more informed purchases.

Everything For Tea does not carry any of the products presented nor do we directly sell any products but may receive a small commission from merchants when you click through to purchase an item. While it helps support this website it does not affect the price that you pay for a product.

We hope that you will enjoy our selections as much as we take pleasure in carefully selecting them for you from many top merchants.

Who is Behind Everything For Tea?

Everything For Tea — founded by Lorna Muramoto and Arnon Dreyfuss, MD — is owned and operated by Lifedition, LLC.

Ms. Muramoto, has been steeped in the rich culture of tea since a young age. As a third-generation Japanese-American, her interest in its many benefits has been deepened further following her healthcare and biotechnology careers. Ms. Muramoto appreciates the health benefits of tea, green tea in particular, and is a teaware and sipware aficionado.

Dr. Dreyfuss was the founder and editor of one of the leading health and wellness publications in the United States. He has a long-standing interest in tea — researching, steeping, and taste-testing tea for decades. Dr. Dreyfuss enjoys six to eight freshly brewed cups a day. His favorites are white, green and oolong teas.

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