How to Select the Best Electric Tea Kettle


The very best electric tea kettles, stainless steel cordless tea kettles and electric hot water kettles are specifically designed for people who want to enjoy the subtleties of premium tea as well as the advantages and convenience of top rated electric tea kettles.

Even more so, variable temperature tea kettles help take the guesswork out of heating water to the recommended temperatures for particular teas. For example, steeping green tea at temperatures less than boiling (165 – 180 degrees) preserves the delicate flavors and health benefits of tea.

Top Pick > Cuisinart PerfectTemp Electric Kettle CPK-17
Cuisinart Perfectemp electric kettle






When considering the best electric tea kettles, look at the electronic features such as preset temperature settings for green, white, black, and herbal teas, also boil-dry protection with automatic safety shutoff.

Many of the top electric tea kettles today have a convenient 360-degree swivel power base with a cordless kettle that is easy to handle and pour — and making replacing the kettle on its base effortless.

Other key features are a keep warm function and an audible beep alert when the water is ready. The best-rated electric tea kettles have stainless steel finishes. The most popular have clean elegant designs for the contemporary kitchen.

Top Pick > Breville IQ Kettle BKE820XL
Breville IQ Kettle BKE820XL






Ideally there are no plastic liner or parts that can melt with repeated heating, or if present should be BPA-free. Look for a water level indicator window, having one on both sides of the hot water ketlle is even better. An ergonomic, stay-cool handle is important and the kettle should be of sturdy construction but not too heavy to carry, especially once filled.

Top Pick > Bonavita Variable Temp Gooseneck Kettle
bonavita variable temperature gooseneck kettle





Most of the best electric tea kettles have a removable and washable scale filter. For ease of cleaning one should also consider the width of the mouth of the kettle and whether one would be able to insert a hand into the pot and reach its bottom. Also best that there are no exposed heating elements at the base of the kettle to minimize scale buildup.

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Enjoy water for your tea heated quickly and conveniently with a top-rated electric tea kettle or a hot water electric kettle. A variable temperature tea kettle is a must-have investment for any tea connoisseur. And if you want an appliance that does it all consider an electric tea maker.


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