How to Select the Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug


Tea drinkers everywhere are on the go in their car or on the bus yearning freshly steeped tea, also savoring the option of tea at their desk or while in a meeting. There are several great tea infuser travel mugs or tumblers for brewing tea that can meet these needs.

Most designs are contoured with double-wall construction and vacuum insulated, keeping liquids hot for many hours, but cool on the exterior to handle comfortably. Look for styles made of stainless steel or glass and polycarbonate combinations.

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Some prefer clear glass-polycarbonate models allowing one to watch unfurling leaves or flowering teas and to tell when the tea is steeped to the color of their liking.

Infuser baskets or strainers are most often made of stainless steel.

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The size of the basket varies where some prefer larger baskets to allow more space for the tea leaves to expand. Mesh size is also a consideration for types of tea that are finer. Strainers are usually a separate piece that screws in and some models have the option to invert the mug during steeping and turn upright when done.

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The most popular sizes of tea infuser travel mugs are 12 and 16-ounce. Some are dishwasher safe but caution should be given to lids that have silicone gaskets or other parts that may need disassembling for cleaning and are generally not recommended for the dishwasher.

Attractive options of tea infuser travel mugs offer the tea lover to take along their favorite tea in style, no fuss – a must-have!

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