How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea?


A perfect cup of tea ultimately is a matter of personal taste and preference, but if you are a beginner, these tips on the right water temperature for brewing different types of tea are essential.

The leaves of green and white tea are delicate and water that is too hot may render a bitter taste that could ruin the true subtle flavor of the teas. Temperatures just below boiling are best, generally between 165 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The recommended water temperature for matcha is 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Oolong teas should be brewed at a medium boil temperature, approximately 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas black and herbal teas should be steeped in water that has come to a full boil, temperatures between 208 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are several popular variable temperature tea kettles that can take the guesswork out of your heated water. Also, avoid heating water in the microwave, which can make your tea taste flat.

Don’t forget to start with good quality water that is a neutral pH of 7, for example good tap water that has been filtered or quality spring water. Water that is higher than pH 7 may be mineral-rich and can alter the taste of your tea.

Finally, consider the amount of tealeaves you’ll need for the serving portion. Too much will result in bitterness, too little will produce a weak cup. So start with one teaspoonful of leaves (approx. 3 grams) per 8 ounce cup of water and adjust from there.

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And consider the timing. If you steep for too long you’ll end up with bitter taste; too short and the tea won’t be as bold. Look for recommended steep times on the product label. Rule of thumb: do not steep for longer than 3-5 minutes.

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