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Selecting the best teapot that’s right for you can be a wonderful adventure. Top rated teapots can be made from different materials ranging from cast iron and stainless steel to glass and ceramics. Importantly, these materials do not impart any taste or change the flavor of the tea.

The material that a teapot is made of also contributes to its aesthetics, weight, heat retention qualities and ease of care.

Cast iron teapots retain heat well and most are enamel coated on the inside to prevent rust. The best cast iron teapots are handmade in Japan and are referred to as tetsubin. These ornamental pots of quality craftsmanship can enhance the overall tea experience.

Top Pick > Komon Sakura Cast Iron Tetsubin Teapot

komon sakura tetsubin re

Stainless steel teapots are highly durable and come in very modern designs to traditional ones. Easy to clean and maintain, some are even dishwasher safe.

Glass teapots are attractive and have become popular especially for use with flowering teas and other tightly curled tea that unfurls during steeping. Also, since it is clear, one can appreciate the color of the tea when it is fully steeped. The best Glass teapots are dishwasher safe and are often made of borosilicate glass that is durable and is resistant to thermal shock and stress.

Top Pick > Yama Chinese Water Kettle

yama glass chinese water kettle





Ceramic and porcelain teapots come in an array of designs, colors, and shapes. Many of the best ceramic teapots are highly decorative teaware and may or may not have a strainer basket. Consider the ease of removing tea leaves and cleaning of the teapot.

Top Pick > Tunisian Honey Design Teapot

le souk céramique honey design teapot





Clay teapots, in particular Yixing teapots (pronounced ee-ching), are another class of teaware with rich history in its craftsmanship. This unglazed teaware absorbs the subtle flavor of tea that is steeped in it and therefore should only be used for one type of tea.

Top Pick > Black Pearl Yixing Teapot

black pearl yixing teapot





Consider size: Once you have considered the type of material your teapot is made of, one needs to consider the size of the pot and how much tea it will hold. For individual servings of tea, a smaller teapot holding up to 21 ounces would be adequate for several cups. For serving tea for a group or family, consider larger pots that can hold 36 to 40 ounces.

Consider features: Other features that one should consider when purchasing a teapot is whether it comes with a strainer or infuser basket or if the strainer is built in to the spout. Generally, it is recommended that tea leaves have as much space to unfurl and move around in the water for fullest flavor.

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A strainer basket often made of stainless steel, makes it simpler to remove leaves when tea is fully steeped and makes cleaning the pot simpler. With a built-in strainer, the leaves remain in the pot until the tea is consumed.

The spout of the teapot should be above the body of the pot and produce a dripless smooth pour. A well-designed spout is paramount for delivering your anticipated satisfying brew.

Choices of teapots abound, perhaps one can begin by considering the type of tea that will be brewed and whether it is a teapot for you or for serving a group. Nevertheless, keep all these considerations in mind and enjoy the journey!

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