Green Tea and Working Memory


Are you someone that plans ahead, organizes and problem solves? These tasks rely on your working memory and in a recent study green tea was shown to have a positive effect on working memory processing. There have been many studies demonstrating the health benefits of green tea on cognitive function and this study published in the prestigious journal Psychopharmacology is also very encouraging.

In a double-blind study, healthy volunteers were given a drink with green tea extract through a feeding tube and therefore they could not detect any taste difference between the green tea drink versus the control drink without green tea. The scientists used a special type of magnetic resonance imaging to observe two areas of the brain involved in working memory processing, the parietal lobule and the frontal cortex. Enhanced connectivity and better cognitive performance was demonstrated with the administration of green tea.

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This is good news for everyone and may also be important in the future for the treatment of people with dementia and other cognitive impairments. Enjoy green tea for its delicate yet rich flavors and all the health benefits associated with it. Will you remember that?

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