Delicious Matcha Latte Recipe


Matcha is a fine powder made from green tea. It has been an important part of the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries and has been finding its way into many food and drink recipes. Here’s how you can make yourself a matcha green tea latte. Its beautiful color and rich flavor is sure to delight you!

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Sift 1 tsp matcha through a fine-mesh strainer into a teacup
Add 2 oz hot water (160-170 degrees Fahrenheit)
Stir to a smooth paste, use a bamboo whisk or hand frother
Pour 6 oz steamed/frothed milk into the matcha paste
Top with foamy milk. Accent with a dust of matcha powder.

Optional: sweeteners such as simple syrup, agave nectar, honey, or stevia; also vanilla, almond or other flavors. For a lovely, cold summer drink, let it cool in a refrigerator for about 10 minutes before adding the frothed milk.

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Yellow tea offers a strong floral bouquet accented by a gentle honeyed finish. The appealing clear golden infusion is said to be reminiscent of the yellow garments worn exclusively by Chinese emperors in centuries past — adding cache to this rare tea.

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