5 Tea Enemies and How to Protect Against Them

By EverythingForTea.com


Want to keep your tea potent, flavorful and fresh tasting the way tea stores do? All you have to do is to protect it from its five biggest enemies:

* Light
* Air
* Heat
* Moisture
* Odor

Fresh tea leaves are beautiful to look at but if stored in a clear container their color will not only fade, but more importantly, their flavor will fade as well.

Air, heat and moisture are equally as harmful. Tea is an organic matter and exposure to these elements will eventually degrade the delicate tea through oxidation, decay and mold.

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Strong odors is another factor to consider as odor molecules can get absorbed by the tea leaves. So separate your tea from aromatic foods or spices. And store highly flavorful teas away from your more delicate varieties.

The best way to store tea, be it loose tea or tea bags, is in an airtight container kept in a dark, cool and dry environment. Keep the container in a spot where the temperature is stable.

Ceramic canisters and metal cans with airtight lids (some are double lidded, offering extra protection) are excellent choices for long-term storage. Remember: Glass and translucent plastic containers are not good for keeping tea, and neither is your refrigerator or freezer.

Tea canisters are not only functional but also come in many attractive, decorative styles. Take a look at the Woodland Bird Tea Tin and Copper Colored Metal Caddy as examples of the variety of canisters available. If you buy tea in bulk, keep most of it in a large, tightly sealed container and put what you need for your daily use in a smaller canister.

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» Marry Roberts said: { Jul 25, 2014 - 02:07:15 }

I used to keep my tea in the original bags they came in when I ordered online, but since I started putting the tea in canisters it tastes fresh much much longer.

» Rus M. said: { Jul 25, 2014 - 02:07:10 }

My partner and I have been into tea tins for ever. By now we have a whole collection of canisters in all kinds of shapes, designs, and sizes. It became part of our decor. Everyone comments on it.

» Sara Klein said: { Jul 25, 2014 - 03:07:20 }

Just wanted to add that you should buy the best quality canister you can find because they last forever and in no time you’ll forget how much you paid for it to begin with.

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