Cast Iron Teapot: The Teapot No Tea Lover Should Be Without


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Cast iron teapots, known in Japan as “tetsubin,” are particularly good to prepare tea with.

Cast iron distributes heat evenly, ensuring that the tea leaves steep fully in optimal water temperature. This maximizes flavor and increases the amount of healthy nutrients in the brew.

The other advantage of cast iron teapots is their efficiency in maintaining warm temperatures, which helps keep the tea nice and hot for as long as an hour. Ceramic, glass and clay pots cool down much more rapidly.

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Meiji Cast Iron Teapot





Cast iron teapots are highly durable and very easy to care for. Most tetsubin today have a porcelain enamel coating on the interior. Simply rinse after use and pat dry with a cloth.

Tetsubin teapots come in many distinctive shapes, finishes and patterns. They can last a lifetime and are often passed on from one generation to the next.

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Staub 1 Quart Round Teapot





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komon sakura tetsubin re

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» Lisa M said: { Sep 29, 2014 - 10:09:21 }

I have 5 different cast iron teapots, different designs and colors and I just love using them all. I think I am going to add your cherry blossoms one to my collection.

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