Secrets of the Elusive Yellow Tea



Yellow tea has been around for centuries but is becoming increasingly rare and hard to come by. Cherished by tea enthusiasts for its distinct smell, taste and color, yellow tea has recently become much sought after.

The production of yellow tea is quite an elaborate process. Only the very young buds are picked, usually before they even had the time to develop a downy under-surface.

As with green tea, the leaves are left to dry in the open or fired dry, however for yellow tea, the still-warm leaves are covered with a large damp cloth for 4-10 hours. This allows the leaves to steam slightly, undergo light oxidation and develop a special aroma and a distinct golden color.

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Yellow tea is classified in the same category as white tea since both are produced with young buds and are very lightly oxidized. Yellow tea lacks the grassy smell of green tea while still maintaining all its healthful qualities.

The more complex and time consuming production process and the limited harvesting period account for the scarcity of yellow tea compared to green tea. While thousand kinds of green tea exist, only a handful of yellow tea varieties still survive today. Much of these are consumed locally, leaving little for export to Western markets.

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Yellow tea offers a strong floral bouquet accented by a gentle honeyed finish. The appealing clear golden infusion is said to be reminiscent of the yellow garments worn exclusively by Chinese emperors in centuries past — adding cache to this rare tea.

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